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Case Studies 

Our customers are partners, and with our unique approach to digital marketing, we help them accelerate their business. Let us show you how we can accelerate yours. Here are some recent success stories.

How we help Vimeo Scaled its Paid subscribers

Vimeo is the leading online community for uploading, sharing and viewing
high-definition videos.

The Challenge
Faced with a highly competitive and fast-evolving market, Vimeo wanted to
supercharge its free and paid subscriptions and increase site traffic. Adroit
Digital began working with Vimeo toward the following goals:
• Grow Vimeo’s community of 30 million users
• Attract new visitors and upgrade users from free to paid subscriptions
• Maintain a low Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) throughout the campaign

The Strategy and Solution

Adroit Digital used a mix of remarketing and prospecting campaigns to attract new prospects, generate traffic and increase paid subscriptions.

“Adroit Digital is a key partner in growing Vimeo’s paid subscriber base. Partnering with Adroit has been critical in our efforts to effectively scale our display media and paid social efforts.”

– Philip Chiang, Director of Paid Media Marketing at Vimeo

Tactics for Adroit
Digital’s strategy with Vimeo included:
• Using analytics to continually optimize and tailor the campaign
• Informing strategy for mid-campaign decisions based on real-time data
• Leveraging real-time bidding to keep costs low and determine which
impressions were most likely to generate conversions
• Applying look-alike modeling to target prospects with similar behavior
to current subscribers